Provide Owners with up to 12 Months
of Rent, Upfront!

Differentiate your business and enable your owners to access up to 12 months of rent day one!

  • Deliver cash-in-hand with ZERO risk of repayment.
  • Receive your property management fees upfront.
  • Accelerate future investment opportunities for your owners.
  • Offer a uniqe competitive advantage to attract and retain clients
  • Experience a fully automated and white-labeled solution
Leverage Steady’s Rent Advance™ solution as part of your property management strategy

Rent Advance™ is a first of its kind solution that provides owners with guaranteed rental income upfront. Partner with Steady to offer your owners the ability to advance their rental income and receive your management fees upfront too!

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Rent Advance™

12 Months Rent in Advance Today

Requirements of the Rent Advance Program

For the duration of the Rent Advance program, property managers and owners must adhere to a few requirements:

  • Property manager must ensure that residents meet Steady’s approved qualification criteria
  • Property manager must keep the home habitable, ensuring any required repairs are made
  • Owner must utilize the property manager for the duration of the agreement
  • Owner agrees not to sell, mortgage, or otherwise take any action to the detriment of Rent Advance or its interests for the duration of the agreement

Leverage Steady’s solutions as part of
your property management strategy

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