Protect your clients rental income and increase revenue with Steady’s Owner Benefit Package™

The Owner Benefit Package™ is a suite of property owner-centric products that property management companies use to drive customer retention through value-added services that:

  • Protect rental income
  • Accelerate cashflow
  • Provide peace of mind

Maximize owner relationships by offering valued-added services. With the entire process automated for our property management partners, Steady’s Owner Benefit Package™ takes care of your customers, and your bottom line!

Leverage Steady’s Owner Benefit Package™ as part of your property management strategy

Steady’s Owner Benefit Package™ is a turn-key solution designed specifically for property managers. Attract new owners, retain existing owners, and create a new stream of ancillary revenue.

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OBP™ offers property owners higher quality property management, stability, and protection against potential losses from tenant default

What property owners love about OBP™
  • 2 Months of Rent Protection: Receive up to 2 months of protected rental income in the event of a tenant defaulting on their rent payment. Mitigate risk and protect your cashflow with OBP™
  • Rent Advance™: A true guarantee on future rental income paid upfront! Rent Advance™ provides property owners with up to 12 months of rent payments upfront on qualifying leases. Rent Advance™ is non-recourse, so if a tenant defaults, you KEEP YOUR ADVANCE! Learn More
  • $1,000 in Legal and Re-Tenanting Expenses: Provide rental owners with up to $1,000 towards the listing of a unit, legal costs of an eviction, or other legal action, following a tenant’s default on rent. Why should owners pay out of pocket when OBP™ will cover this cost?!
Additional Benefits that Property Managers Love
  • Market and Asset Level Reporting: Our rental report provides your clients with access to accurate rental listing comps in their market. Generate a personal report that assess the rental value for each of your subscribed clients
  • Real-Time Alerts on Rental Housing Legislation: As new legislation is proposed, keep you clients updated on how the proposed bill may impact their rental investment. Federal and State legislation included.

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